One Man Band! – From the Streets of Croatia

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We have seen mesmerizing street acts around the world but this man certainly stands out from the crowd, meet the Cigo Man Band from Rijeka, Croatia.
This one man band loiters around the streets playing what not, strumming his guitar while blowing the air-pipes and his legs are constantly contributing to the simultaneous percussion!
What is the basic science behind this very esteemed, contemporary playing of multiple instruments? Well the root word is Practice, and a perfect practice is what yields the unattainable. And when it comes to the point of earning a living, a desperate struggling man can mount the sharpest peak of success.
Street music is now very famous around the world and while many musicians now are stepping up into the platform with their latent abilities. Sometimes a homeless man amuses the pedestrians beating the plastic drums while others like the Cigo Man Band blooms out innovation.

Truly, music has no boundaries and that can be seen in such courage and prodigious act shown in the video.



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