Queen’s “We will rock you” sang by animals!

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Isn’t it obvious if you are a regular surfer on the internet and you had come across a dozen covers of this hit single by Queen?  Yes we are talking about the record breaking anthem “We will rock you” by the legendary British rockers.  But have you ever imagined what it would be like if you tread into your house where your pets go all intelligent the moment you close the door, and then come across a whole new world of animals who are actually die hard fans of Queen?
We are not talking about “the secret life of pets” but something more interesting and artistic!
This video shows something familiar when the rock hit gets a cover by animals with their effortless ways of barking and hooting. There are dogs, cats, goats and what not.

What is more important is the talented mastermind behind the clip who assembles all this animal noises into what we may call it, almost a humanoid cover of Queen!



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