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Raef Al Hasan RafaSo, the thing happened of which the band-fans of Bangladesh didn’t even dare to see in their worst nightmare! Yes, Raef Al Hassan-Rafa has left Aurthohin. It is a huge bolt from the blue on the Aurthohin fan base. As far everyone is concerned that, it is Rafa’s decision to leave Aurthohin. But the exact reason behind this big decision is still remained unknown. Well, Rafa’s Facebook status after leaving Aurthohin also doesn’t point out the reason:-
“I joined Aurthohin when I was 16. I was just some kid who could play the drums and sing dream theater numbers and almost play a lot of instruments but had no real plan or aim with them.
If it weren’t for this amazing human being “Bassbaba”, I’d have probably not done anything with what I could do. And the reason you all know me today is also an outcome of that.
Authoring is a brand more than a band, and we all will die, but the name and tunes of Aurthohin will be there forever. It doesn’t matter who’s at the driving seat, it only matters if the vehicle is moving or not.
I gave my heart and soul to Aurthohin and probably for that reason you haven’t heard songs like “Anmone” or “Nikrishto” by me, anywhere else.
If you are thinking that why I am not in Aurthohin, then please know that this band took me in 12 years ago, and if I really made a good difference in the last 12 years, you should have faith in the fact that the new change will too. It’ll be great.
Sumon bhai has been there when I first got dumped, when I first learned how to record, my first time long hair, my first gig bunking class, in my first tour outside this country, and countless moments. He is more to me than just the greatest bassist. And he always will be.
I’ll never be a new changed Rafa, I’ll always be the kid from Aurthohin, you can’t take away 12 years of someone. It’ll be the longest relationship of my life and it’ll be there even when I’m dead. I hope you all know that life ain’t a movie screen. But I take pride in all of it, no regrets. It was the best days of my life and it will always be. I’m blessed to have the good wishes.

Nobody left or nobody was kicked out.

And lastly, to all the fans out there, you guys cannot seize to amaze me. Just know that nothing changed, I’ll be the exact same musician doing the exact same thing. You people are way smarter and cool and understanding. Thanks for being the coolest generation of music lovers. If you see the girl you love ain’t smiling and the only thing that might make her smile again is to sacrifice yourself. What would you do?

And Aurthohin was brilliant even in the late 90s, and I’ll be forever great. I’ve given most of my life completely to music. I will give the rest happily to music. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a movie or just one person. It’s up to you people to know if my music makes any difference to you or not. Cause if you don’t like something I created, I’ll create two more to try again.

I love you all
– Rafa “

On the other hand, the leader of the band Bassbaba Sumon, who is one of the finest bassist of our time, tries to point out some reasons but still praises Rafa. In an interview he says:
“So, Rafa had to leave Aurthohin after 12 years. There were problems raising for him to manage Aurthohin, Avoid Rafa, Cryptic Fate and his other professional works. For that, so many sacrifices had to make for both the bands Aurthohin and AvoidRafa. Whatever, my eyes couldn’t help bursting into tears while saying goodbye to that talented teenager prodigy of the album “Dhrubok” 13 years back.

Rafa was like my younger brother and he will be always the same In Sha Allah. I pray that he would become a great musician someday. And wish we can enjoy always enjoy AvoidRafa. And obviously, we will work together.

Thank you Raef Al Hasan – Rafa for giving us 12 beautiful & magical years. I always was, and always will be there beside you whenever you need me! Keep rocking!”

In the end, Aurthohin is one of the prominent bands of Bangladesh. It was formed in 1999. Rafa joined the band in 2003. Before Aurthohin, he was the vocal of the band named Kraal and now he is currently in the band AvoidRafa. Rafa used to be the vocal and drummer for Aurthohin. It has been known that Mark Don is going to take the place of Rafa in Aurthohin.

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